Friday, April 30, 2010

Second Stain Glass Project - Squash Patch

Making changes from the original vines to more leafs. Part of the changes where due to not knowing if I could cut some of the glass pieces (which my teacher Lisa agreed, was going to be a problem). Then I decided to add more leaves to the squash patch and practice different soldering techniques.

This is just one side of a panel that I will be learning at Allen ~ Kenoyer Glass class. There are more patterns on the other side. To say the least I'm very excited but, I'm going practice on some scraps before class just to get my hands coordinated.

The squash patch has 164 pieces so the concern of grinding to the stencil was a concern. I didn't want to have it grow and be uneven in weird places. So I had gone back over the pieces a 2nd time and ground to the stencil.

This is so much fun!

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