Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back from the Summer

Not that anyone is really following me, but I did finally finish my stain glass pumpkin patch. Just to find out my new/ cheap soldiering gun is too hot and broke a few pains in finished project. So I couldn't stand the idea of tearing it apart at first & no way was I going to call it finished. Instead I put it aside during the summer, bought a new/ expensive soldier gun & will attempt to pull out the 2 broken pieces and replace them.

Since I'm just catching up by gabbing, I'll take some pics of the almost finished project. So when I'm trying to repair it I can explain it better. I know it's a tough lesson to learn through mistakes, but believe me. I'll be a lot more careful next time.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Second Stain Glass Project - Squash Patch

Making changes from the original vines to more leafs. Part of the changes where due to not knowing if I could cut some of the glass pieces (which my teacher Lisa agreed, was going to be a problem). Then I decided to add more leaves to the squash patch and practice different soldering techniques.

This is just one side of a panel that I will be learning at Allen ~ Kenoyer Glass class. There are more patterns on the other side. To say the least I'm very excited but, I'm going practice on some scraps before class just to get my hands coordinated.

The squash patch has 164 pieces so the concern of grinding to the stencil was a concern. I didn't want to have it grow and be uneven in weird places. So I had gone back over the pieces a 2nd time and ground to the stencil.

This is so much fun!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Learning Stain Glass

Usually working with wire and making jewelry, I've taken a turn in my handmade passion and took a class to learn stained glass.  Since I have just started blogging, a little more about me, I wasn't planning on learning how to do stained glass. My Hubby signed me up! As a surprise!! Because I had been "talking" about it, so he thought no better time than "NOW".

It has been 4 weeks from start to finish, and I am excited to share my first project. If your like me you will notice my mistakes, but I still LOVE it!!! I'm just learning how to do it better. So what is the next step Project #2 of coarse.

So Project #2  has to go some where in my studio window. Especially after cleaning the place up and repainting it in a soft yellow. Nothing too dark so light still can reflect off the walls (my space is small). I know my glass teacher says nothing in glass is ugly, but...yes, some of it is. Sorry to say, and I'm sure I will have my share of ugly glass to make.

I am loving the bright glass! Inspired to have something festive inspired my thinking to draw squash/ pumpkin patch pattern that would be wild and flowing. It would give me a chance to practice my soldiering before my big project in the family room (18 cabniet doors!) since my husband has build a custom library / tv center.

So the top outline is the piece I'm thinking of doing, the bottom is the first rough draft to plan out setting and color which isn't set untill I start buying my glass. Nothing like an artist keeping their options open, but difinately a plan. Hopefully there will be some mixed color glass to make these gourds POP. I'm just learning so name of glass types are still new to me. The drawing of the glass plan is easy up to a point, then..... If your a stain glass artist I'm sure your seeing the problems I will be having cutting the glass. I see them too, and will going to my teacher & doing some more workshops to figure it out a little bit more. If anyone has a sugestion, you have a newbie open for suggestions.

Any one can do handmade, practice creative works, and share the process of doing something new. So wish me luck, and I will wish you to do something new.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Learning through others

First off is a new friend I met on Facebook. I just loved her pieces of jewelry, I'm learning by watching her network, teach, and being part of her Artistic Community of bead lovers. Which is how I got started with doing Wire Wrapping. I started by collecting beads from a Bead Trader down in Veince Beach, CA. From a guy named Steven down on Abbot Kinney Blvd. Does anyone remember him?

Anyways it looks like 'Good Quill Hunting' is at a Bead Fiesta, so here are their links and info.

Bead Fiesta

If someone was able to go, please share how the event went. What was your favorite instructor and would you recommend this for us next year.